Nordstroms shopping spree
home grown pumpkins fianally picked
friends 16th birthday
grandma turing 70
haunted forests
new baby
sleepless weekend
Suzi visiting
more parties
yummy treats
fall leaves
scary movies
grandma's birthday luncheon
late run's to wal-mart
Panda Express
baby elijah
My aunt Suzi came for my grandma's birthday
and to help with the new baby.
She was a lot of help and we miss her already! It was a party with you here(:
PS. Im letting everyone know that Nordstroms is having a big New Moon event, and anyone who spends $50 at BP get a FREE New Moon ticket premiering on November 19 @ 9pm(YES! thats a day before is comes out in theaters) so get pumped and come in because tickets are going fast!

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