Whats up every one. 

It's finally 2012. 

Can you believe it? 
Because I sure can't!

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Please follow and I promise to be writing a ton more this up coming year. 


I'm in the midst of birthing a new blog.
I think it's just time to start fresh and new.
The link will be provided after finals and the last of school projects...
soo hopefully sometime next week!

much love.


I may have watched this video three times...
then almost cried because it was so cute.
I fell in love with her cute style and his accent.
I just want to send off a missionary...

Oh, and go look at the rest of her videos, here because they are darling.


It's a weird feeling you know?
But you make me simply blissful.
I read a letter from a missionary tonight.
Oh dear not one I'm writing of course.
Just a letter.

You know that giddy feeling you get in your stomach.

It was a conversation between two brothers.
One lives here and his best friend is half a world away.
And yes there conversations remain the same.
They are still best friends.
Telling each other thoughts, secrets, hilarious stories, moments of sadness.

I read the letters over and over again.
It's the way you two bring back memories.
The way it's like he's in the other room, and your here.
But he's half a world away.
And I feel for you.
I've grown closer because of the relationship two brothers have.

I almost can hear his voice as well as I can hear yours.
The sarcastic tone in your voice.
The humor in his.

A bitter sweet thing really. But you amaze me you know.


so maybe I wanted to call him tonight and tell him
but I couldn't.
because I can't.
I can't call to tell him random fears
and funny stories.
it's 1:04
and the snow is falling
my room is dark
and the music is on repeat.

"There's a million other people that deserve you more than I."

"and I'm starting to forget the time I kissed you last and I feel scared."

We sat in the car and the music played.
But the feelings were gone.


Sometimes I get bored in between classes....
It results in lots of pictures...

It's 11 o'clock and I'm lying in bed up loading pictures from yesterday.
Productive no?
But it's the weekend, so I don't mind.
Yesterday was a bit crazy but I loved every minuet of it.
I went to dinner with some lovely people and after we saw Money Ball.
Yeah yeah I know I'm behind on the times because it came out what a month ago?
I'm the type of girl that falls asleep in almost every movie regardless of the movie it is but I stayed awake the whole time.
Woot. Woot. I love baseball.
I also volunteered at the elementary school near my house and I love little kids.
Love them.
They have the cutest personalities and tell you the funniest stories.
My dear friend from Vegas is here and I get to go see her today.

 These were taken in the summer, I miss this so much.
And sometimes my thoughts are all over the place,
have a lovely weekend.


And it's because lots of things are chaning,
and sometimes you have to be okay with it.

It's because I feel like I have so much to tell but can't write any of it.
And I'm making new friends
and growing up.
A lot.

Other things stay the same...
I talked to my best friend on the phone on Sunday and when we hung up I wanted to cry because I miss her so much. We laughed and talked for hours as if I had seen her yesterday, but it's been months since we've talked and almost a year since I've seen her but some things don't change. Her name is still "sistermads(:" in my phone. Shes the girl I can tell anything to. Lots of things are changing but this was a good reminder that we will always be best friends.
And I still eat Ramen out of the pan I cooked it in
and wear Halloween socks.
Some things never change.


oh goodness.

It's fine, I'm sure most of you have already seen this but seriously this is how I felt today....
too many distractions and not enough time in the day! 


I like him because he visits me when I am sick,
he goes to byu football games with me even though he's a ute fan
& hugs me all the time.
I think I'll keep him around.

I'm on to something good.
The Bird and The Bee.


So this is what Monday looked like....
For the past month I do my homework outside just because the sun is shining and all the kids go to the library when you have a free period. Cheers for being different.
I'm not really sure of what to think about senior year, it has been different then I expected but only time will tell how it will end.
Today it rained and rained.
But I don't mind it one bit.
I have a cup of hot chocolate sitting right next to me and I can hear the raining hitting the windows.
I played in the rain with a boy. I like him a lot.
Ah. I'm still jobless.

Oh, and I may or may not be obsessed with New Girl.
Let's all just dance awkwardly.


So I did in fact wake up sick the middle of the night the day before a field trip. I may or may not have felt like I was five and extremely sad that I couldn't go in the morning. I missed possibly the last field trip I will ever go on in my young years.

It's fine, I've been blog stalking for the past four hours while watching Americas Next Top model with my box of tissues. Maybe this is just as pleasant. Right?

In the midst of my blog stalking I came upon this found on one of my cute little friends blog,

18 things to do before I turn 18
*side note to disclaim: usually when I make lists like this I only get maybe half of it done but this time I prommiise I will do it all.
  1. I want to become more selfless.
  2. Choose a school for next year and feel like it is the best decision for me.
  3.  Run a half marathon.
  4. Send off a missionary and write him tons of letters.
  5. Put thoes pointe shoes back on my feet.
  6. Learn to not stress out and be a little more care-free.
  7.  Take a road trip.
  8. Finish Personal Progress... yeah I'm a little behind hah.
  9. Read the entire book of mormon again.
  10. 100 blog followers and a few give aways along the way. You all could help me with this one(: 
  11. Fill a whole journal of the next ten months.
  12. Become more outgoing and start talking to people regardless of what others think.
  13. Get a job. Okay this needs to happen like tomorrow.
  14. I want to laugh everyday.
  15. I want to learn to be more patient.
  16. I want to be an influence on someone for good.
  17. I want to create the best memories before he leaves.
  18. Become closer to my Savior.


Oh bless.
It's been too long since I've blogged. I always tell myself I'm going to get better at blogging everyday but I seem to get worse and worse. I promise I will get better!

So here it is two days into my favorite month of the year. Don't you just love when the leaves change and you start seeing pumpkins every where. It's time to pull the boots and scary movies out again.
 Ah. October is here.

Oh, and baseball is here.
Woot. Woot.
Any baseball fans out there?
Pinned Image
I'm in love with baseball, it's fine.


Ah. I feel like my room how been painted and done for almost a month now. But I haven't shown you lovely bloggers how it has ended up! I'm making darling pillows still... they will look like this(:

Have a lovely Monday!


Today I wore a sweater.
I also made a lovely fall playlist.

This weekend I threw a lovely surprise party for my siiissster.
She was surprised... I think?
It's quite entertaining to watch a bunch of 14 year old children in their awkward.
Oh bless their little hearts.
I'm very glad I'm past those years.
'nough said.  
When you hear a knock on the door at a quarter to eleven.
It usually has something under the lines of...

Call me an artist.
I bought a canvas from Hobby Lobby.
A very mother-esq store.
Thank you humanities class for providing me
an assignment where I lack much talent and interest in.
It's called paint a picture on canvas and make it look half decent.

I have a best friend.
and I like him a lot.
I am on a indoor soccer team.
And I've never played in my life.
Co-ed team. Bless my heart.
I might die.  
Autumn is here when you drink hot coco in the morning.
& start wearing pajama bottoms instead of underwear.

One last thing.
I may or may not have a lovely surprise for you bloggers.
Just you wait.


I don't know how to describe the last week... 
between all the tearful nights
and lack of sleep.
between the arguments
and the lack of words that were spoken
but things needed to be said.
The friends that are falling away from me...
Arguing with my mother on the simple things and fine lines that I look back upon
and in all honesty it doesn't matter.  
I found this and felt like I needed to share it!
How you doin Idaho. I spent last Friday checking out Rexburg. Not that exciting people. Lemme tell ya I saw lots of farm land. On top of that, it was 38 degrees when we got out of the car for breakfast at 9 in the morning and only got up to 60. The campus at BYU I is so pretty though, I loved it. College football has officially begun and now my Sauturdays consist of sitting on the couch watching game after game... pathetic I know. I can't tell you how much I love long weekends. Days filled with making cookies, watching movies and chilling.


I might do down in the record books for most non existent senior at AFHS.

The following conversation is held with a cute little brown hair junior boy who sits by me in seminary.

"Are you sophomore?"
"No, I am a senior." I reply.
"You don't look like a senior."
"Gee, thanks" In my head I'm thinking well you look 12 but I'm going to be polite and not tell you that.
"Are you new?"
"Nope I've been here all three years."
"Thats funny I've never seen you before"

Here's the sad part...
I have had this same conversation with not just one kid at my school
or two
not even three
but five people since the day school started.

Haha, maybe this is a sign that I do need to work on my highschool social life.


For you lovely people,
University of Utah is holding an over night program to show seniors what their school has to offer.
Sign up started today and their are dates available for attending start on September 23 and go until December 2.
Lets be honest who wouldn't want to miss a day of school and go up to check out their campus.
I'm all signed up and extremely excited.

And sometimes when my best friend and I both have morning classes we decide to take the rest of the day and play in the city.We had a delightful time walking around University of Utah's campus and down town. I throughly enjoy the massive library, that I'm convinced I could spend days in. I enjoyed listening into people conversations on the tracks, I'm a creep it's fine. Days like this should happen more often, they are definitely enjoyed.


I for one have made the decision to attend college as a senior high school student and so far it has been the best decision I have ever made. I feel that I am taking classes that I actually enjoy rather than I am required to take. The people are more mature and have a lot more to them than what they are going to wear and what they are doing this weekend- although you find people like that everywhere. No, I don’t plan on staying at this particular college for the rest of my college career but right now this is where I need to be. I’ve heard from lots of people that I’m over my head and that I should enjoy this last year of being a kid but in all honest I’m ready to grow up and move on. I’m not leaving high school all the way yet- I still attend a couple classes there.  It’s a bitter sweet thing. I’m growing up. Filling out scholarship applications along with job applications. Buying textbooks that are breaking my bank but I am determined to do this. I love being in a place with strangers, figuring out where my classes are. New adventures and new people.
SIDE NOTE: The picture above is totally irrelevant. Best friend and I at the Alta-Bingham game at Rice Eccles Stadium. Watching one of my friends games, woot woot.
Ah. I love the U of U campus but I’m a diehard BYU fan. Leads to difficult decisions I tell ya.
My picture taking abilities are struggling...I was really trying to capture the view but I failed and got the intena of the car instead, it's fine.


Official Senior.
2012 babbbyyy.
This is the year.

Sorry for the butt load of pictures...

Let's just say,
Good bye summer 2011
You will be missed.