Sometimes I get bored in between classes....
It results in lots of pictures...

It's 11 o'clock and I'm lying in bed up loading pictures from yesterday.
Productive no?
But it's the weekend, so I don't mind.
Yesterday was a bit crazy but I loved every minuet of it.
I went to dinner with some lovely people and after we saw Money Ball.
Yeah yeah I know I'm behind on the times because it came out what a month ago?
I'm the type of girl that falls asleep in almost every movie regardless of the movie it is but I stayed awake the whole time.
Woot. Woot. I love baseball.
I also volunteered at the elementary school near my house and I love little kids.
Love them.
They have the cutest personalities and tell you the funniest stories.
My dear friend from Vegas is here and I get to go see her today.

 These were taken in the summer, I miss this so much.
And sometimes my thoughts are all over the place,
have a lovely weekend.

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