And it's because lots of things are chaning,
and sometimes you have to be okay with it.

It's because I feel like I have so much to tell but can't write any of it.
And I'm making new friends
and growing up.
A lot.

Other things stay the same...
I talked to my best friend on the phone on Sunday and when we hung up I wanted to cry because I miss her so much. We laughed and talked for hours as if I had seen her yesterday, but it's been months since we've talked and almost a year since I've seen her but some things don't change. Her name is still "sistermads(:" in my phone. Shes the girl I can tell anything to. Lots of things are changing but this was a good reminder that we will always be best friends.
And I still eat Ramen out of the pan I cooked it in
and wear Halloween socks.
Some things never change.

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