Today I wore a sweater.
I also made a lovely fall playlist.

This weekend I threw a lovely surprise party for my siiissster.
She was surprised... I think?
It's quite entertaining to watch a bunch of 14 year old children in their awkward.
Oh bless their little hearts.
I'm very glad I'm past those years.
'nough said.  
When you hear a knock on the door at a quarter to eleven.
It usually has something under the lines of...

Call me an artist.
I bought a canvas from Hobby Lobby.
A very mother-esq store.
Thank you humanities class for providing me
an assignment where I lack much talent and interest in.
It's called paint a picture on canvas and make it look half decent.

I have a best friend.
and I like him a lot.
I am on a indoor soccer team.
And I've never played in my life.
Co-ed team. Bless my heart.
I might die.  
Autumn is here when you drink hot coco in the morning.
& start wearing pajama bottoms instead of underwear.

One last thing.
I may or may not have a lovely surprise for you bloggers.
Just you wait.

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