So I did in fact wake up sick the middle of the night the day before a field trip. I may or may not have felt like I was five and extremely sad that I couldn't go in the morning. I missed possibly the last field trip I will ever go on in my young years.

It's fine, I've been blog stalking for the past four hours while watching Americas Next Top model with my box of tissues. Maybe this is just as pleasant. Right?

In the midst of my blog stalking I came upon this found on one of my cute little friends blog,

18 things to do before I turn 18
*side note to disclaim: usually when I make lists like this I only get maybe half of it done but this time I prommiise I will do it all.
  1. I want to become more selfless.
  2. Choose a school for next year and feel like it is the best decision for me.
  3.  Run a half marathon.
  4. Send off a missionary and write him tons of letters.
  5. Put thoes pointe shoes back on my feet.
  6. Learn to not stress out and be a little more care-free.
  7.  Take a road trip.
  8. Finish Personal Progress... yeah I'm a little behind hah.
  9. Read the entire book of mormon again.
  10. 100 blog followers and a few give aways along the way. You all could help me with this one(: 
  11. Fill a whole journal of the next ten months.
  12. Become more outgoing and start talking to people regardless of what others think.
  13. Get a job. Okay this needs to happen like tomorrow.
  14. I want to laugh everyday.
  15. I want to learn to be more patient.
  16. I want to be an influence on someone for good.
  17. I want to create the best memories before he leaves.
  18. Become closer to my Savior.

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