So this is what Monday looked like....
For the past month I do my homework outside just because the sun is shining and all the kids go to the library when you have a free period. Cheers for being different.
I'm not really sure of what to think about senior year, it has been different then I expected but only time will tell how it will end.
Today it rained and rained.
But I don't mind it one bit.
I have a cup of hot chocolate sitting right next to me and I can hear the raining hitting the windows.
I played in the rain with a boy. I like him a lot.
Ah. I'm still jobless.

Oh, and I may or may not be obsessed with New Girl.
Let's all just dance awkwardly.


  1. I like this post! and the pics!

  2. HI! I'm gonna be your newest follower because you're blog is so cute and fantastic! keep it coming!