It's a weird feeling you know?
But you make me simply blissful.
I read a letter from a missionary tonight.
Oh dear not one I'm writing of course.
Just a letter.

You know that giddy feeling you get in your stomach.

It was a conversation between two brothers.
One lives here and his best friend is half a world away.
And yes there conversations remain the same.
They are still best friends.
Telling each other thoughts, secrets, hilarious stories, moments of sadness.

I read the letters over and over again.
It's the way you two bring back memories.
The way it's like he's in the other room, and your here.
But he's half a world away.
And I feel for you.
I've grown closer because of the relationship two brothers have.

I almost can hear his voice as well as I can hear yours.
The sarcastic tone in your voice.
The humor in his.

A bitter sweet thing really. But you amaze me you know.

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