"They say bad things happen for a reason" the script
Yesterday was a bad day for many reasons
So i cried
and i cried
and i cried
Not because I saw him and can't have him anymore
Seeing him wasn't the reason for such a horrible day
there are ALOT of other reasons
I thought I was stronger than that not to cry guess not anymore...
But I must make the best of a situation and decided im excited
for the
where i get to shop at this lovely place
with my discount plus the aniversary sale happens this weekend
and party hard with the New Moon party that is going on, on Saturday with my besties.
and have sleepovers
with my
{Favorite People}
and go to this yummy place
and sip eggnog or pumpkin fraps
and purchase these lovely shoes from

aren't these shoes SO CUTE?
{Im in love}
and buy many other things that please me.
such as a juicy wallet or pearl earings.
Possibly this darling "bella" dress that is on their New Moon line.
and be part of the New Moon
{fashion show}
too bad its only wednesday.


  1. i am dying over those shoes. where are they, i might just need to go snatch them up. -Rosie.

  2. They are from Nordstroms, I haven't seen them in the stores but they are online!