I want to share a different kind of love with you,

not kind that makes your heart pound,

butterflies flutter in your stomach and

cause your lips to pucker.

But the you have for a


Its so important to have someone you can call at 1 in the morning and know that they will be there for you. The inside jokes and times you laugh until you cry. To have someone who is the other half of you. The first person you call to when something exciting happens or something scary. They are there for you when you've had a bad day and need to vent. You can laugh at them and know that they will laugh right back. You can act crazy,weird and they don't judge but act crazy with you. You can tell them anything so your brain doens't expload.They are there for you when you have to spill your boy secrets and embarassing moments. Someone you can sit with and not say anything but have the best conversation ever.

I love my best friends.

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