I left 2009 in with some regrets, great memories and knowing who my true friends are and knowing that throughtout this whole year I've learned who I really am.
Just to name a few memories:
I met some of my {best friends} this year. They will always be my best friends. Stay great, you guys will always be the greatest.
For my birthday I got to go to California and spend it with my best friend emma and cousins.
I went to efy.
I danced my butt off.
I made the journalism team.
I am on the Nordstroms Fashion Board.
I started highschool.
I got a new baby brother.
I went on many trips.
I started my blog.
I met many people this year that I will never forget and
even if they live far they are still the B E S T.
I cut my bangs.
I became obsessed with skirts and D P.
I learned to love the little things in life.
But with many great things my lows were the lowest I've ever felt and my highs were the greatest times of my life.
I left this year with regrets though and coming into the new year. My little friend inspired me to set this as a goal:
"D O what you L I K E, L I K E what you but D O or D O N O T there is no T R Y"

{yes, I have a feeling this is going to be the B E S T year yet}

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