I have the best friends ever. period. I love them more than anything. Yesterday Avalon and Katilyn and I decided to make cupcakes. We like cooking actually kate likes cooking, I stear far away from the kitchen. I keep them company and throw reese peanut butter cups at them. I enjoyed it. We made reese peanut butter cupcakes. Which took us approx. 2 hours to make and after that we didn't even eat them...We also watched Julia and Juile which made us want to cook real food not cupcakes. We drank coke and played wii. And sat in Kates bed and dreamed up things we are going to do once we all get jobs and have money. We laughed together and make fun of eachother. We talk about clothes and new york and how we are going to get beach cruisers and ride them all over this summer and how we are going to barnes and noble next weekend and shopping at Nordsrtom and having a crush party and lots of other things...
Then we left Kates house and Avy and I got in a snowball fight, it was like midnight.
and "Thats fun, your fun" from my favorite movie 500 days of summer
good times.
love you guys.

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