family.seven peaks. dancer.PHOTOBOOTHS. confusion. love. Kite Runner. 5 kids. OLDEST. 500 days of summer. QUOTES. service. temple. snowcones. cereal. non matching socks. car trips. santa cruz. purple nail polish. shoppings. VANS. brown hair. too many pictures. nordstrom fashion board. Venezuela. tan. summer. skiing. notebooks. lists. carnivals. beach. ballet. kneaders. fat kids. letters in the mail. music. scriptures. flowers in hair. boston red sox. baseball. learning everyday. swings. best friends. American Fork. bike rides. dancing in kitchen. cod. pizza. BYU. laughing. teasing. baby brother. orange. football games. gastation runs. coke. sunflowerseeds. J Crew. floral prints. non camper. smores. bom fires on beach. journalism. believer. sarcastic. 12 filled journals.music loud in the car. disneyland. running in sprinklers. tea parties. holga cameras. pandora. clean room ALWAYS. Urban Outfitters. Europe. sun flowers. sun glasses. concerts. facebook. viva la juciy. ordinary. school. happy. mint gum. burnt bees chapstick. acoustic music. books. DREAMS. cousins. Lodi. emma. TOMS. fears. sunsets. spanish. parties. peanut m&ms. crying. running. hyper. parents. vintage. christmas lights. fall leaves. baseball hats. sweatshirts. writting notes. learning who I am. and what makes me happy.

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