[be thankful]

Last week I went to a church camp(efy) down at BYU with my friend Emma. I learned alot and made so many friends! It was such a great week! One thing that stood out to me was a lesson our session director, Brother Miller, taught on gratitude. It really hit me hard and thinking back on my life...I'm not so grateful. I decided I should take on the challenge in the video above. I am going to be more thankful in my prayers and when people do things for me. Our session director said when you are having a hard day or going through trails write down things you are grateful for. So if you want take on the challenge with me! Either on your blog or personal life.

Today I am so grateful for a loving mom who brought me soda and crackers since I am sick. I'm grateful that even though I am sick, I will be able to heal and get better!

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