monday. the day for first...

I have had alot of firsts today...
I colored my hair for the first time today.
It's different but I like it.
and yes I had to go in the wheel chair. man I'm over done with that thing.
I had spoon me for the very first time today
and might I say I'm addicted.
I also listened to you & i by ingrid michealson as well... only for the line
"baby you spoon like no one else".
I shouldn't think that is funny being a 16 year old girl I should be mature to handle the silly phrase spooning but I couldn't help but laugh.
It's bad I act more like a twelve year old.
and for the record I already told me sister I want a spoon me sticker
on the back of my car.
just for the laugh and the weird stares I would get coming from the kids in the highschool parking lot.
Today was the first time I stood up. man it sounds like im a baby trying to walk for the first time. but hey its a huge improvement.
This isn't a first but definatley made my day..
a visit from the cute neighbor girls today and they brought me
the cutest little gift basket with treats and a people magazine.
Can I tell you how addicted I am to magazines now?
It's a horrible addiction that probably should end before I get out of bed
but who doesn't like to read about the gossip and drama that goes on
with other people since I have zero in my own life.
I find it quite intertaining.
I also started my first math assignment for the year. Let me tell you even being in bed I still have to do the same homework you all have to do. It really isn't too fun.

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