You know what I love about today...
When you unexpectedly get a phone call from a kid that you haven't spoken to for a good 6 months.
When you secretly read your dads instant messanger and it talks about how worried he is about the whole surgery thing to one of his co workers.
and when your mom takes you to Nordstrom and pushes you around in a wheel chair then takes you out to lunch instead of making you go to the first day of school. because you assure her going in a wheel chair to school would be embarrassing. and yes she agreed.
You know what else I love...
my parents.
when my mom makes exactly what you want for dinner not because you asked her to. Because sometimes moms just have good instincts. Waffles. Yes. Been craving them for like two days now.
When your neighbor makes homeade salsa and brings some over to your house.
When you see the sun for the first time in about two weeks.
When your aunt brings over 7 new movies to borrow because she knows that you are stuck not walking for one more week.
And yes there is more that I love about today...
Eating snowcones.
People with blue eyes.
And brothers.
A group of friends that you play cod and eat seven pizzas with. Randomly calling to tell you to get better soon.
Acoustic music.
Getting a blessing.
Knowing that prayers are answered.
and laughing.

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