Because I feel...

The need for a huge hug.
That I have way too much time on my hands.
Lazy because I used the excuse my ipod 'died' not to go running today.
Frusterated, my AP Bio teacher, Miss O, hasn't put in my missing assignments from when I was out for surgery so that resulted in getting a letter saying I was failing and my parents freaking out. But I wouldn't be failing if she was on top of things...no one sees my logic here besides myself.'
That I don't really know my friends anymore.
Tired. I fell asleep on my math homework for a good two hours missed young womans because of it.
The need to eat healthier. Chocolate covered cinamon bears and Fries don't count as a complete meal.
Stressed. Spanish test please be on my side and let me pass tomorrow. por favor?
The need to get a job.
Like I know more about football than most guys do.
The need to listen to rap music.
I miss this girl miss maddie steele too much.
happy it rained.
awkward. everything I do is awkward.
Christ is the center of my life.
I have the cuttest little brothers.
the need to eat cereal for everymeal.
the need to go buy grey nailpolish.
that I love the gospel.
that I need a serious break from things.
that sometimes I look at her facebook page and realize I don't even know her anymore. it makes me sad.
the need to go for a drive and drink hotchocolate.
that genereal conference brings two of my favorite people to Utah.
That I am growing up too fast.

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