Last night at mutal we had a mother/daughter thing.
I was not up for going to mutal at all. I told my mom and she was like "we should go! It's going to be fun". Silently thinking... mutal was the last thing I want to do tonight. But I went unwillingly. It turned out to be one of the best nights. We had pizza and talked and I being in the bad mood I was in. I wasn't being very social. But then we all sat down and had moms from our ward speak on temple marriage and it just hit me hard. I felt like yeah, I really do want to be married in the temple and yeah, I need to be making right decisions now. So that one day I will be able to. One of the moms talked on how important it is to have good friends guys & girls. She also mentioned that we need to be an example so that people respect you & the decision you make. Even if it isn't what the world wants of you. People will respect you even if they don't show it. I'm so glad I went.
I know that each day I am trying to come closer to Christ because I love him with all my heart. Last night was a reminder of my goal.

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