this is me

I'm no where near perfect. I like donuts and waste too much time. I hate driving. For some people it's like a comfort blanket but it just stresses me out. I know people can read me like a book. But I can't read people for the life of me. I spend too much time on facebook. I feel intimidated not by girls...by guys and it drives me crazy when I can't just be myself. I have fears of spiders and car crashes. I hate licorice. I used to care what I looked like and now my red sox hat is my best friend. I love love love rap. and COD. I could listen to Christmas music all year round. I hate reading unless it's the book of mormon. I like sticky notes and hate texting. I can sleep through anything even pen being drawn on my face. I love my nails short. I'm not great at advise. I find myself in awkward situations all the time.

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  1. Elizabeth, I love your blog, your honesty. You are amazing! I got on here hoping to see some pics of you in the cute prom dress but then I realized maybe the dance hasn't happened yet. I hope things are going great for you-- I've just browsed a bit here on your blog but what I conclude is that you are one amazing girl! Hope your plans for the dance turn out great!
    Love, "cousin" Ingrid