my best friend

I guess the saying "opposites attract" holds true for me. I'm passionate, & he's apathetic. I'm full of expressive, expansive doses of laughter, he waits for something genuinely funny. I do my homework, he comes to class empty-handed. I babble on to anyone around me, & he speaks only to those he has something to say to. I get nervous, and distorted,and overly emotional when I feel something is out of my reach, & he'll unabashedly go after everything he wants, keeping a level head. I want everything, & he wants only a selective bit. I've never learned how to let go, he was never taught how to hold on. I anchor myself onto everyone I have ever connected with, & he depends solely upon himself. I'm a chaotic jumble of half-witted ideas, and unnecessary glitter, & he's stable inside. I'm spastic, & he is calm. I'll get distracted at the drop of a whistle, & he'll follow things through until the bitter end. I am never caught without a smile, & he's never caught with an unnecessary one. I'm crazily in love with him.

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  1. this is brilliant.


    my question is, are you really?