little letters

Dear Cole, Talon and Trevor,
Did we really eat 100 chicken nuggest last night? Yeah we did and I don't think I can ever eat a chicken nugget again in my life.
Sincerely the only girl who would play cod and eat doughnuts with you,
e dawg

Dear Christmas,
I love you. Alot.
love, your number one fan

Dear yw leaders,
You made me cry during your lesson. I needed that pick me up and reciting the living Chirst was beautiful. That's all.
Sincerely, the girl who should want to come to church more often

Dear fuzzy socks,
I'm pleased with you. You are cute and comfy plus my feet enjoy you quite alot.
love, this girl with warm feet

Dear school,
1 more week and I'm done with you for a while. Horray for Christmas break!!
love, the girl who hates highschool

Dear trials,
We have a deep love hate relationship, when everything is wrong and nothing is right and I'm worried stressed. Highschool is rough and people are mean. But in the end we come out better. I just have to keep reminding myself that.
love, me

Dear boy,
Your mixed signals drive me crazy.
love, the girl who needs you to make up your mind already

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