the [real] meaning of Christmas

Christmas day is almost here.
This week has been filled with so much Christmas spirit.
It started off with our great service idea.
My friends and I made headbands for little girls in the homeless shelter.
We made 70 headbands last night and took them up to Salt Lake this afternoon.

I love driving around to look at Christmas lights,
drinking hot chocolate
and just hanging around the Christmas tree.

But the true meaning of Christmas has really been with me this week. I taught the fam, family night the other night and we read over a Christmas talk by Elder Holland. It talks about how our Savior was born and under extreme circumstances but in the end everything was going to be okay because that was the plan. That was the prophesy of what was going to happen. It was that moment when I was reminded what Christmas is all about.

So when all the gift giving is going on and
the Christmas songs
are playing in the background,
don't worry I'll enjoy it all but I will remember
I'll remember my Saviors birth and his love for me.

So here is me rambling on...
and now I'm done for the night.
peace & blessings.

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