Today was one of those days you never want to forget.
Not because something spectacular
happened just a lot of little things
that made me realize how blessed I am.

In math I started to talk to this kid whom
I have never said a word to.
He proceed to make me
laugh so hard I started crying.
You definitely make my
list of favorite people now.

Spanish test got cut into a fourth
of what it was supposed to be.
Thank heavens.

Spent the afternoon Christmas
shopping with Martin and Sarah.
Kudos to Martin for receiving
the funniest kid award.

I feel like we've known each other for
a lot longer than we actually have.
It's a nice feeling.
Service project reminds
me of all the things I take
for granted in my life.

Gotta support the friends! Kristin and
I went to watch our best friends choir concert.
Don't worry she out sung them all(: haaaa.

Took Talon doughnuts for his birthday.
I'm so blessed to have him in my life. I don't know what I would do without all the daylight runs and video games. I think I would be a lot more productive...(; Oh well!
Talon turned 18 today! He's such a great kid. Love him to death.

Thought the day was close to over but
it sure wasn't! Took the siblings to McDonald for Sundaes and fries.
To get the Children out of my moms face for a while.
Elijah's new love is fries. He takes after only the best.
I love my family so so so much.

I taught Jacob rap songs in the car.
How my mom loves it when he
comes in the house singing
"black and yellow" and
"bottoms up", over and over again.

Martin came over again and
we drove around looking at Christmas lights.
I love the Christmas season. It is the best time of year.

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