03. Once upon a time ago two people fell in love. It's time to talk about the rents.

The Father: Raul Garces
Occupation: worrying about me also keeping me in line

Once upon a time I wanted to be a hairstylist, my dad talked me out of that one quick. Nothing against hairstylists but I'm glad he did. A 7 year old isn't happy about having their father talk them out of their 'dream' job that but looking back on it, he's a wise man. I'm motivated by his example to work hard. It makes me want to push harder and do the best I can. He's taught me to want to serve and look out for others. He's taught me to rely on the gospel. It's not always by words that I learn from him, it's his actions. Sometimes we don't agree but that's life. Everything is not always perfect, we are all trying our best. I could tell you all that I get along with my parents 100% of the time but hey I don't, most of us don't. Sometimes with this whole blog thing people tend to make themselves glamorous and make it look like everything is perfect but sometimes they just aren't. It's life. We all do the best we can and God helps out with the rest. We all have strong aspects though, my dad said once that we compare our weaknesses to others strengths. Then we tend to look at how bad we are doing and are hard on ourselves when in reality we all have strong points and some weaker spots, it's just how we are. This man is witty. He's good at keeping his cool. He follows the Red Sox in baseball, BYU for college football and the Jazz in NBA. If you happen to come over, I guarantee that ESPN will be on the tv. He is one of the smartest people I know. Sometime he's quite. His love is unconditional.

Her name: Steffanie Garces aka. Mamma G
Occupation: embarrassing me

This woman is hilarious. She steals my clothes more than my sister does and it drives me crazy but I still love her. She fancy's herself with carmel hot chocolate from Starbucks. She is the taxi driver and constantly running kids 50 different places. She is the best cook and the best advice giver. She's kind and nurturing. I didn't realize how much love a mom has for her child until a couple of months ago. She told me that she cried when I went into surgery because she was worried for me. She was by my side throughout the whole process. When you get older you start to realize how much your mother has done for you. Shes my number one supporter. We drive each other crazy sometimes but in reality she's just looking out for me. She cares more than I even can comprehend. She's fun-loving and easy going.

And these two fell in love...

They are pretty good at holding the fort down and coping with the craziness we cause.

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