Here's the thing I thought that I would need a whole new year to start changing things that were going on in my life that didn't make me happy, I thought I had to wait for a new year to set goals, meet new friends, laugh more and just be happy. In reality I didn't have to wait and the last few months of 2010 may have been the best months of my life. I started to accept myself, found friends that I could completely be myself with and started actually enjoy going to school. I started enjoy going to church as well, gained a huge part of my testimony and eventually got my patriarchal blessing. I learned that I love to help others and give service. When I started to accept myself, I felt my life just fall into place. The prior months my life felt numb, those months I felt scared and felt as if everything was wrong and nothing was right, those feelings started to fade away. I have never felt so happy, confident and felt like I fit in . 2011 is just another set of days, more time to accept myself for who I am, I know a lot of girls have found out "who they are" this year but I haven't gotten to that point yet. I believe it is a never ending cycle because a person can change so much over the course of a year that we are never really the same person. As we left 2010, I didn't feel a strong need to set goals for 2011 or have high hopes of anticipating something great. I have found out that when you are least expecting it and just let it come, is when the best things in life come to you. So I will let it come and go and see what happens along the way.

So here is to a new 365 days.

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  1. i enjoyed this post alot.
    im glad we are friends(:
    you are in the room next to be, working on art,
    what i should be doing. but instead i will abuse the school computer and blog stalk(:
    love you.
    today. dear jack, and format live at the mayan.
    while doing our mounds of homework we had two weeks to do. and started last night at 11.