been sick
had surgery
missed school all week
and spent spring break in bed.
Awesome right?
I have zero motivation when I am at home trying to get stuff done. For once I actually would like to go back to school. Whhhat? Yeah I said it. My name is Elizabeth and I would like to go back to that place called highschool.
I played the Kooks for the first time since last summer. I listened to them a lot on our roadtrips to California. Brought back memories, very good memories.
I feel in love at the sea side.
I learned what a best friend is this week.
A couple months ago I prayed and asked for some good people in my life.
And I was blessed to have that prayer anwered.
Life is rough but trials make you stronger.
I've learned who will really be there for you when
everything is wrong and nothing is right.

On a happier note.
I bought myself some orange-red nailspolish and sun glasses to celebrate how close summer is.
I can the warm air on my tounge.

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