Prom 2011

Day date: festival of colors along with most of the AFHS population. It was a complete sucess. 
we got a little messy and mastered the serious face.
It took hours of getting color out of my hair and the primping for one of the best nights of my junior year.
Worth it.
I've got to say we did a pretty nice job at cleaning up.
& my family felt obligated to jump in the pictures.
We scampered to Martin's house to see his family
& then to take group pictures.
Headed off to dinner.
We fancied the chop sticks and ate too many lettuce wraps.
waiting impatiently for our food and we got a little camera happy.
Oh, the rest of the night was filled with slow dances in the rain, forgetting the prom ticket, singing our hearts out and memories that will last a life time.

Prom 2011 was perfect.

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  1. Yay for you! How cute!

    Martin is so lovely and you look completely stunning.