10 years and you're still in my dreams.

I have officially attended my first concert of the summer followed by many many more to come. Moth and the Flame followed by Book on Tapeworm at the Velour on Saturday night with some of my best friends. It was perfect weather for a concert, the rainy kind where you're allowed to wear tights even though it is almost June. I love the atmosphere of the concert and being able to hear music live. It's sort of a sensation you don't get anywhere else. I could have sat and listened to them play all day long. It's not the crazy freak show type of concert. Everyone sat down which is unusual for the Velour but it was pleasant. Before the last few songs that Book on Tapeworm played he talked about why he had written the song and listening to it you could hear the meaning through his voice and words. 

B brought a cute friend while M and I sat and teased her about holding his hand. M made a confession that she would do anything for a one night stand with John Myer. Then a cute boy offered me his jacket. It's polite to say yes, right? He was friendly and tried to start conversation until he found out that we are in high school still. We passed around cold glass bottles of Coke and had far too many laughs.

Why do I have the best friends? I'm so lucky.


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  1. concerts are so much fun! i am going to one on saturday and i am stoked! (: i love how you passed around cold glasses of COKE! cute post!