11:11. tonight I wish to see my best friend.

Care to donate to my ' I need to see my best friend that moved to Laguna and I'm very sad without her here' fund.

Or you can just buy me a plane ticket?

All I want is someone to watch a chick flick with and someone that will paint my nails for me because I suck at it. I want someone who will make walmart runs with me for coke and popcorn. I want her back.

I want to borrow her clothes again. I want to share music. I want to make memories.

she will be back for the summer.


  1. hi, i am jalissa!
    i just found your blog today and have been looking over it. just thought i'd let you know, i'm in love! it's super cute and you have the best ideas!

    now, to this post. having that one friend is the best and i have gone through two really great relationships that i wish i could have back! i guess we just have to learn to find others but still love them with our heart! (: good luck for your donation!

  2. i miss you too ): one month dude. i don't even eat popcorn anymore, how sad is that?? i have no one to eat it with. miss you.