{Just because you've had the worst day of your life doesn't mean the next day is going to be the best day, sometimes you just have to get there}
I've had better days than Friday.
I thought that Saturday was going to be just as awful but when I woke up the sun was shinning through my window and the smell of freshly mowed grass filled my room. I looked at my phone and it was noon.
I knew that it was actually going to turn around. I focused on the little things, the warm rain yesterday afternoon that started just as I had finished my weeding and the phone call from my best friend in Laguna. Spending time with my mom and going to dinner. A lovely picture posted on my fb wall from a girl who I admire a lot. A lunch date for next week. Renting a red box and chilling alone till he gets off work. The end of the night, spending time with people I love doing something as simple as watching a movie and falling asleep on his lap. Laying on the tramp and looking at the stars. Sometimes it's days like these that remind me the simple things are beautiful.

so blessed.
& It's fine I love sprinklers.

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