and this is what I do when the family goes out of town without me.....
It isn't necessary to eat a whole bag of chocolate covered pretzels for dinner and ice cream for breakfast but when you struggle in the cooking department and a bit lazy to try out a new recipe this is what happens.
When gas money is left adventures are a must: gateway with my best friend lead to a pleasant evening.
and I found my new guilty pleasure: Barnes & Nobel, I've been there two days just reading for countless hours.
I buy myself new pink toms because they looked like summer. and I like summer.
Independence gets the best of me when I go to the store for a new tooth brush and ponytail holders
and then have to go back three more times for things that I forgot. No wonder old ladies walk around with lists.
I walk around my house in my underwear because I can
I have Orange Leaf for lunch
and go watch fireworks with my best friend.
I fancy the fact it's easier to live out of my car more than being at my house alone.

It's been a fine weekend but I could use my family back. It's awfully quite around here and I am in need of a home cooked meal soon.

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