I live for the times you get up to the cash register and the item you are purchasing is actually way way cheaper then what you expected. Yeeee. I ended up going to Gateway to check pricing on bedding before I order online...Hooray for good deals and cheap bedding! Urban bless your little heart for saving me from breaking my bank and spending too much money! As for paint colors and pillows that will all come next week. Oh and I'm sincerely sorry for blurry pictures taken at the spur of the moment from my phone.

For now, I'm headed to St. Geezy for some much needed sun before school starts. I am leaving in an hour and nothing is packed yet. Heeelppp meee.

I'm in love again. Sometimes I'm good at over reacting and we both realize that we were being silly. It's called when you don't see each other for a long time things are rough. It is a bitter sweet thing really.

A-d-d post much?
Leaving on a good note.
lots of love & sunshine.

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