Hello people.
It's 10:44...yes I shouldn't be on the computer at school but I have nothing better to do since all my homework is done and I'm in study skills{possilby the most boring "class" ever}.
So it is almost a long weekend which means I don't have school tomorrow. yes. I'm ever so happy about this. I don't know what to write about really, I'm going without sugar for 10 days. ugh. Which means I have eaten fruits and vegetables for every meal for the past 3 days. It's getting old and I'm sick of it. I am going to see Dear John tomorrow night with my besties! I'm very excited! And Fashion Week In NYC starts up in a couple of days... so psyched.
Well the bell is about to ring...for math.
I feel like I should leave you with an inspiring quote or picture of something but my brains empty. sorry.

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