[unreal weekend]

[miss Ali made the best peanut butter and chocolate cookies. We know whats a hit in the Smith family anything with peanut butter!]
[top the Sunday off. All my family went to my aunts for fall treats. A yummy way to start off the fall season. Amazing Race and family completes a Sunday.]
[General Conference. 2nd session on Sunday. Miss Hannah's first time going. This hands down was the best Sunday of my life. I love President Monson. I love the church and my Savior.]
[they love ice cream]
[JCW'S twice in one weekend. Miss Leah loved her ice cream.]
[ Miss Georgia and Jacob.]
[we had fun sticking our heads in these things. They were all over Cornbellys.]
[ Miss Erin and Miss Hannah who was staying with us from Cali.]
[after General Conference we went to Cornbellys]
[Kristen and Sarah's pose made the night just hilarious]
[JCW'S for ice cream and fries made loosing a little bit better]
[lets just say I was mad we were loosing]

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