everyone has a story to tell.
This week my best friend Sarah and I have been watching documentaries on some of our favorite bands learning the stories behind their songs and the emotional and psychical trails that they have gone through that have eventually lead them to write some of the most heartfelt and intriguing lyrics. Lyrics that make you want stay up all night and just think about each word trying to figure out what was going through their mind when they wrote something so brilliant.
I started to think that everyone has a story to tell...He is We couldn't have said it better, but the interesting thing about each of our stories is how people portray them. Some tell everyone who will listen to them, some through art such as music, lyrics, dancing, poems, some on blogs, some in journals, some just being themselves and some don't tell their story at all. Maybe it is because they are scared and can't let people in when it comes to pouring their souls into other people who may just leave and run away at any moment. Maybe it's because they are too busy running away from life, they don't have time to let anyone know what their deepest fears and greatest accomplishments are. I dare you to find a personal way to tell your own story.

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