School. Gym. Homework. Eat. Sleep. Repeat.
anyone ready for the routine again? Because I sure am not.

With the piles of homework on my floor and the lasting attention span of a two year old that I contain right now, I have not gotten anything done. I might ditch this choas and head here. I brought my homework to Starbucks over break and sat there for a good 3 hours doing it. I got more done than I would at home plus the bouns is getting to people watch and drink a warm carmel apple cider. Have you ever sat in Starbucks and people watched? You can tell thoes who are on their first date, the ones who are a regular customer, the ones who come for meeting or the ones that come to catch up with old friends. It's a quite an evenful place.
Tonight is the night that I might turn on something other than ESPN for once. I have my list of shows that start tonight this includes Pretty Little Liars as well as the Bachelor. What can I say I might be in love with reality tv.
I mean tell me one teenage girl that isn't hooked to atleast one tv show, please.
what ever you fancy yourself with tonight,
enjoy your monday night.

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