her life.

her name: Elizabeth Garces
Birthday: July 11,1994
Occupation: surviving high school student
Future plans: fall madly in love and go to college.
She has a collage on her wall.
and she is constantly moving her room around. A weird obsession of hers. She could live off of Reese's and Coke and be just fine.
When she's frustrated and scared she goes for a run.
She is learning not to judge and expect the unexpected.
She loves sports and knows more about them than most boys.
She isn't always loud and usually keeps to her self.
She loves this crazy family she's apart of. She used to be a ballerina.
She love panties and sweatshirts.
Her ideal sleep schedule would be going to bed at 2 and sleeping till noon.
Shes changed a lot these past months.
She loves going to the temple.
She's in like with a boy.
His name happens to show up in her notebooks sometimes.
She loves cupcakes, high wasted skirts and knit tights.
Photo booths make her heart swoon and she has kept every fashion magazine she has ever received.
She loves concerts and COD.
She has the best friends any one could ever ask for.

Big fan of these kids.
She loves her sister more than she can even express in words.
She procrastinates like nobody's business.
She's loves her Savior.
She loves long talks late at night.
Scary movies make her paranoid.
She's always cold.
And she's learning to let people in.

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