Hello friends,
I feel that I've not always been open on my blog. Not hiding secrets but not opening up as much as I could. So here it goes, I am going to write more than I ever have on here and maybe post thoes drafts that I've written and kept safely away. My best friend, the kid that makes me swoon is moving for the rest of the summer. This is our last weekend together and although it makes me very sad that he and I can't spend the rest of the summer together I know that he will be back at the end of August. I'm giddy
with excitment for what the rest of the weekend and the 4th holds. I do have some fun things planned  
I'm going to the Stadium of Fire tonight with my family and last night M and I went longboarding. I'm not good at all but it was enjoyable. We have family tranditions for Monday that we have done since I was oh so little. I'm oh so excited! I also made some really yummy key lime pie tarts, painted my nails inspired from her. and sent all my best friends that don't live close letters enclosed with a bag of treats shown above. Oh and I'm still obsessed with this, it's fine that it consumes a majority of my time. Have a wonderful 4th of July!


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