Mariah, me, Kelsey, Adam, Daniel, KC, Joshua
Last night I had the opportunity to meet up with some kids and counselors I met at SOAR, which is an academic camp for ethnics held at BYU. Kelsey, one of the counselors, was finishing up her minor in contemporary dance and had her senior concert. KC, who looks like Jimmer I might add, and I met up to watch her a long with Adam and Josh other counselors. Kelsey did a fabulous job! It made me consider minoring in dance as well. She said it was an awesome way to keep progressing even though she was majoring in something totally different. After we all went over to the Joshua James and Sayde Price concert in Provo. He is seriously a god, so much talent! After driving all around Provo we meet up with some other friends from Soar and grabbed a late night bite to eat. What a night!

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  1. your outfit is adorable. and that concert was fab. joshua james should probably just marry me. such a dream boat.