Happy Valentines Day

I adore this kid with all my heart and I know that I have said that before but I really do.
We found ourselves at Starbucks on Monday night for valentines day.
Taking pictures and just talking for a couple hours.
I enjoyed every bit of the evening.
After we found ourselves dancing to Daughters by John Mayer in the parking lot. It was bitter outside but we're both used to it.
The night was just lovely, maybe because he hand wrote a card that melted my heart, or maybe because I enjoyed taking pictures of him in Starbucks, or maybe because when I'm with him without fail we always have a good time, or maybe because we're both ourselves when we're together, or maybe because he was full of surprises that night.
Whatever it was, the night could have not gotten any better.
He makes me want to be a better person. He's easy to talk to and things just feel right. Sometimes, you learn to care for somebody more than you realized you could. He makes me laugh really hard and smile for no reason. I feel like an elementary girl when my friends say his name,I get butterflies and blush.
I still get nervous right before he comes over, and I love feeling like that.
I won't say I'm in love because of lack of maturity, I don't drop the L word like it's hot.
But this kid,, really makes me happy.

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  1. this is SO cute!
    it reminds me of mine & val's sb pics(: